In collaboration with Girl Up Vadodara, we are excited to share our magazine Femmeनीव (femmeneev). The September issue spotlights the perspectives of youth from around India on a diverse range topics related to girls’ rights within India and around the world.

Although our two organizations are based in different continents, we were determined to find a way to collaborate and create a tangible project that reflected our shared missions and values. As girl led organizations working to make a difference in our communities at the intersection of gender equality and education, we are intrinsically connected despite geographic barriers. Out of our additional desire to tap into digital media and innovation came this digital magazine, a culmination of months of planning and coordinating with a diverse team of youth.

The articles curated place emphasis on the legal, political, and policy aspects of gender equality as well as iterate the importance of allyship.

You can read Femmeनीव here.

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