Margaret Thanos

Meet Margaret Persephone Thanos, an activist, director, and actor from Sydney, Australia. Passionate about gender equity, her work in the arts and advocacy centers intersectional feminist stories and political engagement. Click here to learn more about her perspective and how her passions, community, and background shape the way she engages in political and artistic spaces.Continue readingMargaret Thanos

Sapphire Alexander

Meet Sapphire, a student and gender equality advocate based in Trinidad and Tobago. As the founder of Caribbean Feminist, Sapphire works to educate and empower girls and women throughout the region. She fights for intersectionality and the meaningful representation of often overlooked community in spaces of decision making — for women in politics to use their platforms for effective, transformative change and for Caribbean voices to be amplified in international dialogues, especially those about climate change. She takes great pride in her Trinidad and Tobago culture, but never stops striving for and demanding positive, necessary change. Continue readingSapphire Alexander

Anagha Rajesh

Anagha Rajesh, born in India and raised in the United Arab Emirates, is a second year student at the Birla Institute of Technology. She is the CEO of MindChamps, a youth-led non-profit organization that focuses on 3 aspects of mental health: awareness, inclusion, and accessibility. She is also a recognized public speaker, avid reader, and passionate advocate for female representation in STEM. Read more about her story in this interview!
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Cristina Maradita Acosta Soto

Meet Cristina Maradita Acosta Zoto! Born in Toluca, City of Mexico, Mexico, Cristina studies economics and public transformation, dedicating herself to activism and her main passions, especially gender equality within GirlUp and other organizations to incite civic engagement and respect towards human dignity. In the future, she sees herself working to propel feminist agendas and laws as an activist and journalist in Latin America.
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Sruti Gandreti

Sruti is an 18 year-old rising freshman at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta. Raised in Collierville, Tennessee, she is passionate about environmentalism, climate action, and working with initiatives focusing on gender equality and diversity. She dedicates much of her time and effort into technology and bridging gender gaps in STEM fields, inspired to find a way to encourage more girls and non-binary individuals to join STEM and promote greater diversity.
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Jasmeen Singh

Jasmeen is a rising second year at McMaster University studying Honours Life Science. Born and raised in Canada, she places a lot of her time and effort into community work related to women’s empowerment, leading both Girl Up Caledon and the Our Future of Change club at her University. She also loves to garden, cook, and lead a healthy lifestyle!Continue readingJasmeen Singh

Olivia Lombardo

Meet Olivia Lombardo, an 18 year old activist from Staten Island, New York Passionate about gun violence prevention, women’s education and empowerment, and civic engagement. Also a rising freshman at Yale University, she plans to eventually pursue a law degree and continue effecting change by reconciling her passions for government and non profit work.Continue readingOlivia Lombardo

Dani Antonio

For our first ever interview we have the amazing Dani Antonio from the Philippines! Dani is a student at UC Davis passionate about education, social justice, and gender equality. She serves as the chief executive officer of Landas PH, the visionary director of AKO, and the community engagement intern at She’s the First while being involved in musical theater and performance.Continue readingDani Antonio